Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chairs become boot scrapers

Our boot scrapers made from rail chairs are one of our most popular sales items.  A rail chair is the part of the track that is bolted to the sleeper and into which the tack is laid.  We take chairs, tidy them up, paint them, and add a brush, thus producing a boot scraper made from genuine rail parts.

The process of producing a boot scraper in this way is very labour intensive.  Here are some photos to illustrate the process.

First, any parts such as fixing bolts must be removed, often by cutting with an angle grinder.

Any lumps of  'stuff' that shouldn't be there are removed with a hammer and chisel.

Then the finer detail is restored using a needle gun and wire brush.

Following that, the bottom of the chair is painted black.

Then the appropriate colour is added to the top of the chair.

Finally the detail of the lettering is picked out in gold or silver paint and the brush is added.

Our boot scrapers are very popular.  For further information, or to order, then please visit



Anonymous said...

Hi, are all GWR chairs painted green?
Thanks, Kev.

Brian said...

is it possible to obtain a GWR Chair Boot Scrapper?
Please advise cost.

Brian Goddard SVR Guard/ TTI

Anonymous said...

Lately we have had a lot of requests from across the UK. I am pleased to say that we can courier boot scrapers anywhere within the UK for just £15.