Wednesday, 13 March 2013

At The Races

Imagine my utter surprise to see, as I pulled into Toddington this morning, 2807 at the head of the race stock!  I thought we were on standby, but it transpires that there are two trains on Weds, Fri & Sun (= the dining train) and we are rostered for one of them on each day.  You only find out by looking on the sheet in the GWSR mess coach - which I did last week, but that was before 2807 had its fitness-to-run exam on Saturday.

So, here she is departing Todders with the race day brunch train.  I could tell from the steam emanating from beneath the coaches that the steam heating is working OK!  If you look closely at the second photo (as enlarged in the 3rd) you can make out the newly-clad-with-insulation heating pipe that we fixed on Sunday.  The puff of steam in front of it might be from the safety valve on the steam heating, which limits pressure to about 40 psi.   .. well, I hope that's where it's from!  :-))

There was no one else from our group at the railway, so after painting a few rail chairs, I left early; bumping into Stuart who had just brought some things down and was collecting two 2845 00 models that were to have been converted into 2807 ones.

I guess the chaps will turn up on Saturday, as the loco will be on standby (I assume) and will also need a warming fire for Sunday service.

Think of me, standing out in the perishing cold tomorrow on crossing duty at Race Course station!



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