Sunday, 22 September 2013

Maintenance Update

Wednesday 18th
Bruce & Gilbert removed the centre damper door.  These doors have always warped badly.  Part of the problem was that the cast steel stiffening bar across them had to be cut down to fit our narrower firebox.  It was cut in the centre, and this formed a weak spot. The door tended to bend on a line through that cut. Today, Carpo welded the two halves together.  Let's see if that helps!

Meanwhile, Bruce removed the steam safety valves.  We've had these new springs acting as paperweights for months.  Finally, we are fitting them.  Naturally enough, the hole through the centre of the springs is not the same as the originals - nor is it quite the same on the two new springs!  So, Bruce is making a shim for each one, so that they fit properly.
I just pottered about doing some boot scrapering - but we had run out of brushes, which limits progress.  However, the Coffee Pot had sold 6 last week and the F&W sold 4.

Thurs 19th
Stuart & I met up to examine the emergency supply of brushes.  They will tide us over for 3 weeks, I hope!

Saturday 21st
Bruce brought his shims, and the picture is them on the table in the TPO.

It wasn't clear if Carpo had re-ground the valve seats or not.  I hope we get the steam valves fitted next week.
Carpo welded an angle-iron on the bottom of the damper door to give it additional strength.  Later, Bruce & Gil re-fitted the door to the loco.

Steve & I did a bit more towards boot scrapers - me completing four orders and Steve painting brushes.


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