Sunday, 19 January 2014

Maintenance Update

Monday 13th
Apparently, the tractors and trailers were all in the wrong places on Monday morning, and it took Alleleys ages to shunt them into their right combinations before they could set off for Toddington.  As a consequence, they didn't arrive until 2 o'clock.
Fortunately, I gave up waiting at 11 o'clock and went back home - there was no word from them at that time (despite Gilbert ringing them).

Gil reported on Monday:
"I called in at Tyseley to re-assure them that the loco was coming.
I saw Bob Meanley and spoke to him about the need to keep to the agreed timescale, and that any delays could have a serious effect on our contract with GWSR.
I have emphasised the fact that we must be notified of any problems that occur and which can effect either time or cost. I have also said that we will work with them to solve any problems which are identified. Bob has said that is also his preference.
Once the loco actually arrives, and they are able to get a couple of wheel-sets out, he will ring us so that we can go up to Tyseley, and see what they have found."

Geof reported on Tuesday:
"I supervised the loading of the loco and it left Todders at 16.30 yesterday, stayed overnight at Allerley’s yard and was delivered and offloaded at Tyesley at 0745 today supervised by Dixie Dean."

Wednesday 15th
2874 was just being off-loaded at Toddington as I arrived.  It brought back (horrible) memories!  However, 2874 is in a far worse state than 2807 was when she arrived at Toddington back in 1981.  In fact, if it were mine, I would sell it all for scrap apart from the boiler; that does look restorable.

Anyway, Geof, Gil, Bruce, Dixie and Mike [Loco Dept] were all swearing underneath our tender, as they attempted to remove pipes and rods.  The purpose is to gain access to the bracket & bolts at the top of the brake hangers.  

By end of play all of the brakes were off - shoes and hangers; also the longitudinal operating rods.  The vacuum pipes were off, and the steam pipes were "loose".  All of this, apparently, so that the tender can be jacked up and let the wheels drop so that the holes can be accessed and bolts replaced (see Saturday).

Dixie had forgotten where the hard lumpy bits are beneath the tender, and located one using his head.  This led to a trip to the First Aider, who equipped Dixie with a turban.  The First Aider obviously recommended seeing a Second Aider, so Bruce drove Dixie to Winchcombe Medical Centre.  There they put the skin back in place, glued it down and stapled it together.  He returned to Todders wearing a kippah, no not a kipper! (look it up).  Anyway, after a cup of tea he was fine, and we let him go home.

I seized the opportunity to do some boot scraper work: painted 9 in GWR green top coat while it was raining, then cleaned up 4 chairs when the sun shone.

Saturday 18th
Gil, Bruce, John T and Dixie were working on the tender ... well, under the tender!  Removing the steam heating pipe.  It transpired that another group (who once borrowed our tender) finished off some bits for us.  In this instance, by welding a bracket to the rear section of steam heating pipe, and then welding the bracket to the drag box.  So, the only way to get the pipe off was to cut through it with an angle grinder.

The next task was to raise the tender body sufficient to allow access to the brackets from which the brake hangers are suspended.  These we had fitted many moons ago before the tender tank was fitted onto its chassis.  It was easy to fit them from above; not so easy to remove them from below!  It is the bolts that secure this bracket to the chassis that GWSR insist must have a spring washer and split pin through them (to ensure their nuts cannot drop off).  The bolts are not long enough to do that, so we have to make/procure new ones.  The top bolt of the three has a slotted countersunk head.  Bruce had to make a "screwdriver" to fit the slot and stop the bolt from turning.

I busied myself painting the lettering on boot scrapers; boxing them up, and then making some wedges for fitting the brushes.


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