Sunday, 28 September 2014

2807 at the NYMR

As & when reports from NYMR reach me, I will distribute them.

Just to catch up on new issues logged while still at Todders:

35: RH flange lubricator spring broken.  {Bruce removed the spring, took it home and repaired it.  He refitted it before the trip to NYMR}.

36: Small blow from RH clack.

37: Left front drain cock started blowing for 1/2 day then sorted itself.  {Likely cause is a bit of grot stopping the valve from closing fully.  No action taken (since it "sorted itself") but it would be good to dismantle and clean all drain cocks in due course}.

38: Coal watering valve continuously leaking water.  {Unclear if this was from the valve itself or from the pep pipe (which we know about = caused by a leak in the clack valve, creating pressure in the pep pipe}.

39: Back RH firebars to be changed - buckling.  {See 41.  We changed 3 fire bars before going away}.

40: Ejector still blowing through.  {We have not had the opportunity to remove the ejector and fix it.  It may have to stay like that either until November, or even until winter maintenance}.

41: Rear middle fire bar dropped into ashpan during day.  {It was badly burned away such that the end was disintegrating.  We replaced it before going to NYMR}.

Tuesday 23rd
I called in at Todders circa 2pm and the loco was still in the yard.  I couldn't stay and wait for the low loaders.

Mark Young heard that the lorry arrived circa 8.45 pm (so I'm glad I didn't wait for it!).

Wednesday 24th
Tesco day for me, so I didn't get to Todders until 11.00.  2807 had gone by then.  Gil & Fred saw the loco & tender en route as they drove to Todders/Winchcombe.  The lorries pass right by Bruce's house, so he noted the loco leaving at 9.10 and the tender some 20 minutes later.

I did a couple of hours on boot scrapers, as no one else came.

Brian later reported from NYMR:

" Loco arrived safely at 6pm this evening"

Thursday 25th
Stuart has driven up to Grosmont, to watch her over the weekend.

Friday morning: received this photo from Brian of Sir Nigel ("Greasy") Gresley, which had the honour of standing alongside our engine.

Saturday 27th
Bruce told me that he hadn't got away on Monday as quickly as he imagined.  He spent some time cleaning off the coal dust and grime that collects on the tender below the coal space - particularly on the vacuum cylinder.  He also noticed that the hoses linking to the loco had no clips on them, and upon checking the toolbox, found one … where was the other?  So, Bruce set off retracing the movement of the tender, and walking along the track found it - just about as far down the line as it could have been!

Anyway, I called in at Winchcombe and picked up 7 rail chairs to take to Todders.

Bruce arrived at Todders moments before I did.  We started on building up boot scraper stock - I finished off 4 in the pipeline; Bruce began needle-gunning and wire-brushing more chairs.

Gil turned up at 10.30 and started helping Bruce.  Then it was tea break.  I restocked the F&W and then started cutting bolts of rail chairs.  However, at 12.15, Gil buzzed off - he went for a ride on the train!!!

After lunch, Bruce & I pressed on and had cleaned 7 rail chairs by 2pm, when Gil turned up again!  Bruce & I both wanted to leave early, so Gil didn't even have time to get into his overalls before we started packing away.

On the way home, I delivered Bob's refurbished LNER boot scraper (painted in garter blue).

On the Internet there are a few pics of 2807 at NYMR: is at Grosmont; This video shows various engines, and 2807 is briefly at 7:40 but significantly from 8:03 to 8:40 (i.e. right at the end - they left the best 'til last!). shows 2807 from 2:05 through to 3:24 (again, leaving the best until last) on the 11.37 train from Grosmont to Pickering on Saturday.  [Steve Price found this]. 2807 hauling a Grosmont - Pickering service at Moorgates on 26.09.14 [Thanks to Michael Howard for finding this one].

Sunday 28th
I popped in to Todders after a bike ride, to paint some bottoms - but Bruce had done them before he went home on Saturday!!!

Another vid from Steve:
(we get two shots - right at the star, but then particularly good from 5:10 to the end).


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