Thursday, 7 September 2017

Maintenance Update (responsible, power, grinding, safety)

Wednesday 30th
2807 was in service so Bruce & Gil took the opportunity to check with the crew how things were (apart from wet!). In particular, they closely watched the pressure creep up. Steam began feathering from the safety valves at around 215 psi, then they suddenly lifted at 219 psi. This confirms what earlier crews had reported. It gives us a good feel for how much the spacers can be reduced per psi, if GWSR’s Boiler Responsible Person insists on them lifting closer to the maximum of 225 psi. We are not keen on going higher. She doesn’t need every ounce of pressure - she has power to spare.

Bruce also commented that the pep pipe still has steam leaking from it (despite his efforts at lapping-in the valve). Also, the centre left-hand drain cock has steam wisping from it, too.

Ken S. popped in (again) to deliver a selection of spanners. Then he went for a ride behind 2807 of course).

Bruce wire-brushed the rail chairs in the container and then blacked their bottoms. I painted some lettering and then top-coated four chairs. The Flag & Whistle had sold two boot scrapers, so I restocked them; the Coffee pot (Winchcombe) had sold four boot scrapers, but they had to make do with just two more from stock.

Amongst the chairs that Bruce brushed today, there is one with most unusual inscriptions upon it. It says “46 lb”, which is a very light rail. It also says “LNEC”, which isn’t a railway that I recognise. The date is 1938. Has anyone any ideas as to whom this LNEC was?

I needed Gil’s autograph on a couple of cheques, so I had to call in at the siphon. Fred, Bill & Gil were there. Much of the day they had been adjusting the doors so that they close properly. Bill had been painting the running boards by each door.

Gil noticed something black jammed between the slats in one of the siphon widows and gave it a poke. It moved! We have a new pet!

Saturday 2nd Sept
I was away holidaying in Scotland, and only David came to play at Todders, though Fred, Gil & Bill were working in the siphon at Winchcombe. David has been trying to get quotes for laser cutting the tender guard irons, but it seems the metal is too thick! He’s now trying quotes for cutting by water jet.

Here is what David reported:
“I have ordered two new grinding wheels for the bench grinder in the container - grades 80 and 120, which should be satisfactory for what we do. I have removed the old ones and left a note to that effect.

I have left the end covers by the machine with the screws sitting on them. Please take care not to knock this on the floor. If you have the misfortune to do so, there are 10 small screws that will need finding!

I have now finished and fitted the new pulley guard on the drilling machine.”

Wednesday 6th
Although 2807 was having a rest day, only Bruce tackled an issue - and not one reported by the crew! Bruce had seen that the centre drain cock has been leaking, so he took it apart, skimmed the central spindle’s sealing face and reassembled it.

John G, Bruce and I then pressed on with more boot scraper production. Bruce ground off rough edges.

There are four reported issues outstanding:
29: Safety valve clacks blowing by, as pep pipe cock passing steam & getting hot.
30: Hydrostatic lub[ricator] 3rd feed leaking oil. Risk of losing oil before end of day. Also, drain needs a tap to seal.
31: LH big end warm at end of day. Oil level in reservoir had not gone down since being filled at start of day.
32: Steam valves need repacking, e.g. ejector and blower.

Wildflower Conservation Corner
On Wednesday 30th, I planted a few bluebell bulbs out of my garden. I’ll pop a few more bulbs in, in due course.

On Saturday, I threatened some baby brambles with Resolva, and Clive donated a box of poppy and sunflower seeds to the cause. I’ll save these until next Spring, otherwise the local birds will think it’s their birthday!


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