Saturday, 6 January 2018

Maintenance Update (Llangollen, BBC, LED, maintenance)

Llangollen Report
Rich Smith posted a video on the Unofficial Llangollen Railway Facebook Group showing 2807 double-heading 5199 on the last day of the year.

Chester Joey posted two videos:

Graham Bondi sent some of his photos of 2807 on 30th December:

Available on BBC iPlayer is Father Brown episode 3 of series 6 “The Kembleford Dragon”. The opening 15 seconds show 2807 crossing Stanway viaduct.

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Just to demonstrate that someone in our group is doing some work while 2807 is away, Fred sends this photo of the inside of the siphon van, and says:

“Here is a photo of the siphon lighting system as finished by Ray, Gilbert and me. The LED driver compartment is an old wooden lamp box adapted to suit.

It is on the RHS above the corridor end door. The new consumer unit is on the LHS. Also visible in the pic is a 2807? shovel and the state of the flooring.

On the bench are bits of an outside cover for the incoming mains cable made from lead sheet with steel edge fixing strips prepared by Ray and ready for painting (the steel bits).”

Saturday 6th
A small amount of rail chair cleaning & painting took place, but it was mighty cold outside!

It looks likely that 2807 will be delivered to Toddington on Tuesday, but not shunted into the shed
until Wednesday. We are unlikely to achieve much on Wednesday, if she keeps moving about! Then it seems that the Loco Dept might carry out a boiler wash on Saturday next. This is likely to be over an outside pit, which will prevent us from starting the critical job of removing the coupling rod. Also, we’d get a bit wet trying to do any work on the loco! We’ll have to play it by ear, but worst case scenario is that we will not be able to begin any serious winter maintenance jobs until Wednesday 17 January.


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