Sunday, 28 July 2013

Maintenance Update

Mon 22nd
I had to visit the BIG railway to take my son, Tim, to Kingham to catch the train home (Baldock, Herts).  Train due at 12.53, we arrived 20 mins early.  By 12.40 the announcer said that the train was running 23 minutes late.  At 13.18 they announced it had been cancelled!  Next one was at 14.55.  So, I said, I'll drive you to Oxford.  En route, the temperature was around 34C (93F).  Thank goodness for air con!  In the centre of Oxford, the car was saying that it was 37C (99F) outside!  I don't recall it being that hot ... ever!  Anyway, despite catching a train immediately upon arrival, it was a slow one, and the one out from London was also slow, so Tim got home just 10 mins earlier than if we'd gone in the pub and waited the 2 hours!

Tues 23
Sorted through brushes for boot scrapers - this batch comes in 3 widths, one of which is useless!  Painted some ready for fitting (did one coat at 08.40 and another coat at 18.30).  Saw 2807 chuffing round its stock - all seems to be well.
Following Sunday's phone call from The Coffee Pot to say they'd sold all of the boot scrapers, I was able to re-stock.

Weds 24
As far as I can assess, no one from our group attended Todders.  I was off Roman snail hunting at Chedworth with daughter & granddaughter.

Thurs 25
2807 still storming away from Todders while I was fitting brushes to rail chairs.  Trying to get enough ready to re-stock C.Pot and F&W on Saturday.  Called in to C.Pot for a slice of cake - 2 boot scrapers had gone, and a chap was looking over the remaining four, trying to decide whether to buy one or not.

A huge consignment of hardwood arrived at Winchcombe destined for the restoration work that is ongoing on our siphon van by Fred, Gilbert & Ray (and Colin & Anne on alternate weeks).

Fri 26
Restocked the F&W with boot scrapers.  Completed half a dozen more. 

Sat 27
Diesel weekend, so no steam in service.  2807 is back in service on Tuesday for the whole week and the first weekend of August.  I couldn't see any new issues on the loco's log.

"Peak" diesel, 45149 (aka Phaeton or D135) is in service after an eventful inaugural run on Thursday evening.  Speaking with their crew, it is reminiscent of 2807's early days in action - little things keep going wrong, dropping off, etc.  But it's not yet done 100 miles, and we are only too aware of teething problems!

F&W sold 3 b/s during the week, and C.Pot sold 2.


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