Saturday, 3 August 2013

Maintenance Update

As Roger is on holiday, here's a brief update on maintenance etc.

Wednesday 31st
Gilbert, Ann and Colin were at Winchcombe working on the siphon. We have a supply of wood boards for the sides of the siphon and these are gradually being fitted.

Saturday 3rd
David was doing some maintenance on the lathe - not using the lathe to do maintenance, but maintaining the lathe itself.

Bruce fixed the water supply to the TPO, which keeps leaking.  A new length of hose has done the trick - we hope.

John was working on rail chairs, preparing them for painting (on their way to becoming boot scrapers).

Geof and Gilbert discussed some engineering bits and bobs, and then Geof headed off to Winchcombe to work on the siphon.

Gilbert, David and Steve cleared up the remains of the old wooden staging by the TPO.

Steve then joined John preparing rail chairs, with Bruce in the TPO painting them.

Gilbert went to Winchcombe to join Geof working on the siphon.

By the end of the day two rail chairs had a second top coat applied, and a further 9 had been prepared and had their bottoms painted black.

Generally it was a hot and sunny day and the sweat was pouring off us.  Lovely.

Meanwhile 2807 was running up and down the line past us, which is always nice.

And in the loco shed, two of the roads are being taken up in preparation for the concrete laying. This will transform the shed, and is a very positive step forward.


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