Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maintenance Update (diesel, Thomas, chairs)

Wednesday 10th
I arrived at Todders to the sight of 2807 blowing off!  Not quite what I was expecting.  The plan had been to light a warming fire this morning and do a steam test later in the day ….

However, it all changed circa 8 am.  It seems that 4270 is unserviceable (awaiting parts); 5542 was failed with what may be a leak on the regulator; presumably, we don't have any right to steam Wells (which is still here, allegedly because of a bridge problem en route) for contractual reasons … so, 2807 was the only loco available to steam!  The first train had to go out diesel-hauled, while they got 2807 ready and tested.

So, with no loco to play with, Gil buzzed off to Winchcombe to play with the siphon, while Bruce John G and I offered our services to Carpo … and then to John P  … and finally, to Neil C! 

John P was checking the springs on Thomas, and Bruce and John G did provide some assistance.  No spring problem was found;  however …

The three of us then assisted Neil, who was clipping up the rails on Road 7 of the shed.  These are just past the new pit and will be concreted in place to form an apron.  We completed this before lunch.

As we had run out of things to do, we had lunch and then melted away.  I finished lettering on 6 rail chairs and then tackled Maurice's cubby hole (i.e. the toilet cubicle in the TPO).  He'd left it in a bit of a mess .. but so had we (all sorts of electrical kit "stuffed" inside).  I tidied up, hoovered up and threw out the junk.

As far as we can tell, 2807 will run the service train on Thursday; the Fire & Drive on Friday and the service trains on Saturday & Sunday.

… As I was leaving, John P was just finishing checking over Thomas.  Unless some pretty smart action is taken, it will not so much be a "Day Out With Thomas", as a day out with 2807 looking at Thomas sitting sad-faced in a siding!

So, Saturday currently looks like a relaxing day (!).  I will take Saturday off.  So, if anyone does turn up hoping to do some work, there is a pile of rail chairs on the bench outside …

Have a nice weekend!


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