Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Maintenance Update (regulator, DOWT)

Saturday 13th
John Tyler reports (on his lone presence at Toddington):
" I was at Toddington on Saturday, in the expectation of better weather! However the morning weather was adequately fair to clean four chairs before lunch. Afterwards as the weather had deteriorated, I used the air-chisel on some encrusted chairs, painted the four bottoms and then went home.

I'd earlier helped Carpo find our regulator spindle support jig, but it wouldn't fit 5542, so that's something we've learnt! "

Sunday 14th
As things stand today, Carpo is struggling with the 55xx.  Therefore he is planning on running 2807 during the week and also next weekend (which is the Thomas weekend).

Therefore, activities at Toddington on Weds & next Sat are expected to be associated with the production of boot scrapers (unless you want to help out elsewhere in the department).

Wednesday 17th
The 55xx went away (for the weekend).  2807 is holding the fort!

Bill arrived first, shortly followed by Bruce.  For want of something to do, we attacked a few rail chairs.  Bruce was needle-gunning them; I was wire-brushing them, and Bill painted their bottoms!

We did 6 today (to add to John's 4 from Saturday) and called it a day.

New issues raised:
27 [AM] Pony truck pivot pin very loose; excessive play.

28 [AM] All eccentric straps losing oil via felt pads (dry after 2 trips).

29 [AM] LHS big end has excessive side play. w{hite} metal warm {or maybe "worn"?} on outer face.

30 [AM] RHS big end has excessive clearance in bore, knocking badly.

{Interestingly, three days after this latter issue was raised, the Inspection sheet signed by the crew of JP, JC and NC ticked everything as "OK" and fit to run!}

31 [BE] Gauge frame when shut down leaks by - takes more than 1 minute to fill glass but water can be seen inside glass.
{This is quite common, and in fact it is acceptable provided the glass does not fill quickly - e.g. less than a minute}

It looks as though 2807 may have a rest after Thomas (when the 55xx comes back), and we'll take a look at 27 to 30.

Thomas Weekend
It's a DOWT weekend, so access is restricted and 2807 is in service on Saturday & Sunday.  See you next Wednesday, then?!


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