Saturday, 28 June 2014

Maintenance Update (Saturday cancelled, Monday special)

As is usual, there is a (short) list of issues that need attention on 2807:

- Condenser T-cock blowing by nut [this we knew about, anyway]
- Ejector reluctant to shut off
- Ejector blowing through
- Brake whistle bracket broken
- Vac pump spindle out of alignment

2807 is in service through the weekend, taking a well-earned rest on Monday.  She will still be very hot, and they will light a fire later in the day ready for Tuesday being in service again!

I bet there will still be enough pressure to move the loco (under its own steam) to align the vac pump on Monday.

Should be able to fix the whistle bracket. [I'm surprised that this isn't a loco failure]

Can't do the others - loco will be too hot.

Saturday 28th
I cancelled today!  However, Dixie turned up, and in between downpours we cleaned and prepared 11 rail chairs for boot scrapers!  Dixie had the pleasure of painting their bottoms.

There's a couple more issues logged, but due to the heavy rain, I didn't hang around long enough to make a note of them.  Some we can do on Monday, anyway.

Bruce popped in briefly.  Steve popped in briefly; had lunch; then poodled off to Winchcombe to take photos.

Geof reports that "Siphon G came out of the barn today.  The photo shows the recent painting and new roof to advantage."

Monday 30th
… will be a working party day because 2807 will be having a rest (she's been in service all week and is expected to be in service all of next week too!).


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