Sunday, 22 June 2014

Siphon Update (roof, door post, plank, Thomas)

Saturday 21st
Went down to the siphon to help the move and after getting passed Roger's and Glyn's security net looked for the siphon in the yard but it seems Thomas had forbid it's move so it is still in the Barn.

Geoff, Gilbert and Fred were already busy. Geoff filling and painting the edge of the roof, Gilbert and Fred taking off the door to fit a new post.  Fred had cut all the grooves for the various tenons and slats and after 3-4 hours fettling fitted the post and everything seems to fit well.

I fitted one last plank on the south end side as it was an odd size, then cleaned up 11 slats and rot treated them.  Gave the place a much needed clean up and also assisted when needed.

A good steady progress day.  The roof look smashing and the finishing on the edge is a credit to the troops who did it.

A thanks must go to the Carriage and Wagon for the help they have given and for the use of the Barn which has really been a God-send and we should send a formal thank you from the Directors methinks.

2807 scuttled passed a couple of times and looked great! -- even with a Thomas face on it -- a credit to all that put it back together so quickly and I wished I had been there to help.  It must have been an incredible exercise and very rewarding.


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