Sunday, 8 June 2014

Maintenance Update (boot scrapers, Tyseley, and rain)

Wednesday 4th
It rained all day, so I was not surprised that no one else turned up at Toddington.  I did a spot of painting for an hour, then adjourned.

After tea, an email arrived from Tyseley:
" the intermediate wheels have literally just been fitted ten minutes ago and the leaders are standing ready with their boxes to be fitted first thing in the morning. That then only leaves the assembly of springs, motion etc, and as such we consider that it should be ready for a lorry to collect first thing next Tuesday, leaving Monday to get it shunted out of the shed etc."

Friday 6th
Finally got through to Moveright, who could no longer do the transporting on Tuesday.  However, Alleleys could.  So, much phoning & emailing during the morning [so much for my Plan A for the day!] cancelling one and contracting the other!

I popped down to Todders to finish off a couple of ordered boot scrapers.  Discovered I'd run out of painted brushes.  Applied a first coat to a dozen brushes, then went for an hour's bike ride over the top of the hills.  By the time I got back, the brushes were ready for a second coat.  I'd also run out of 12mm wedges for them, so carved up some wood to fill in time!

Message from Tyseley:
"We now have the rods back on 2807 and it has been for its first trip outside the workshop. All appears fine, the engine rolls very well so all we need to do now is to refit the connecting rods and various small details and it will be ready for collection."

Saturday 7th
I needed to do some finishing off of boot scrapers.  It threw it down with rain just as I loaded them onto a trolley to take to the F&W and Coffee Pot.

Bruce popped in for a brief chat … then we both went home.

So: Tuesday is a goer for 2807 being back at Toddington;  Wednesday will be the first of several days dedicated to reassembling the bits.  We have to be in service for Thomas on 21st June - and I would hope we are in service sooner than that!


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