Sunday 18 September 2016

Maintenance Update (Pickering, siphon, Grosmont, chairs)

Tuesday 13th
Brian and Carpo confirmed that 2807 did head north. The Allely’s lorry arrived about 15 mins after Bruce & I left. All was loaded and on its way by 2.25 pm.

Photo: Nigel Black [P-Way]

Photo: Neil Carr
Bruce says: “Both low loaders left at about 2.25pm. They looked quite impressive in convoy.”

From NYMR Facebook: “Here she is on her way through Pickering - thanks to Kelvin Whitwell of
[NYMR] Motive Power department for the photos!”

Wednesday 14th
At Toddington, there was not a lot to do. Bruce, John G and I fiddled around a bit. John did most -
painting five rail chairs. Due to the heat, we all adjourned at lunch time.

John G went to Winchcombe to help Gil, Fred and Ray on the siphon work.

Brian confirmed by email, that 2807 was “put together” and a Fitness-To-Run check was carried out
successfully. A warming fire was lit with a view to steaming her on Thursday. She was then off to 
Grosmont for further checks, coaling and watering. NYMR asked to put her into service right away for one week.

Thursday 15th
Bruce reported, “She is rostered for two round trips starting and finishing at Pickering so it looks like
she will be stabled at Newbridge.

Interestingly they have put 6046 (USA S160) behind her for the first trip, probably for insurance.”

Saturday 17th
David & Bruce fiddled with the pillar drill, in particular making the platform stable. Another 5 minute job that took all morning! John T repaired the “Panther” trolley whose plywood top was disintegrating.

After lunch, John & I worked on cleaning up rail chairs - we prepared five by end of play. Because of the noise that we were making, Bruce & David disappeared down the yard and started tidying up the bits of scrap that had accumulated around the TPO over the years that we had been working there.

It is not ideal using a needle gun in close proximity to the car park (and hence visitors), but unless we have a base down in the yard (i.e. to replace the TPO) with power and room for the compressor, there is not a lot of choice.

Gilbert, apparently, has abandoned home and headed north for a few days. Can’t imagine why …


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