Thursday 22 September 2016

Maintenance Update (welder, plant, Grosmont, Pickering)

Wednesday 21st
With 2807 in Yorkshire, you might think that there was very little to do at Toddington.

However, boot scraper production has to continue! John G spent the entire day painting rail chairs and brushes for them. The only positive thing you can say about the boot scraper production facility (i.e. a 20ft shipping container) is that it’s dry!

In fairness, we did let him out on a couple of occasions.

Bruce and I decided that needle-gunning just outside the contained was not good. The noise bounces off the loco shed, the diesel shed and the row of containers, making it very unpleasant as a work area. Furthermore, Joe Public might be standing just round the corner, trying to read the display boards that give information about some of the locos.

We hit on the idea of throwing away an ancient welder and using its cabinet to house the compressor. We had used it in the distant past, but more modern equipment has really rendered this 3-phase device obsolete. Guess where it is [was]? Just outside the TPO! This is where our boot scraper production used to take place, and the noise is kept well away from other workers and the public.

So, we heaved the old transformer out and wheeled it down to the skip. JC was passing by with the fork-lift, and kindly deposited the transformer in the skip. Bruce & I played with the cabinet; made a level base for it; tipped it over (to suit the shape of the compressor), and then (with assistance from John G on one of his outings from the container) moved the compressor from container to cabinet.

A test showed that it worked fine, there. It’s not perfect - you have to fling the mains cable across between a couple of wagons to reach the power source, which is shared with two more containers! The door opens upwards and its hinges are pretty pathetic! These really need replacing with more substantial ones. Nevertheless, it works!

Andy Bryne visited on Saturday 17th. He reports:
“I was privileged to represent CSP today on the NYMR with a footplate pass all day on 2807. We were first off as the S160 was needing a bit of attention, much to the relief of my crew who much prefer 2807 it seems! A great day and the weather was good too. Lots of attention from visitors/passengers ands also from NYMR staff. I did my best to keep the loco tidy and clean with an oily rag. All being well I'll be going next Wednesday too and hopefully will be available to assist when 2807 is packed up ready to come home. Getting sufficient vacuum took a little time early on today but then seemed OK on the 2nd run. I was impressed with the NYMR's coaling plant. “

Coaling stage at Grosmont and 2807 at Grosmont - photos from Andy Bryne.

John Plowman emailed on Saturday 17th to say: “watched her leaving Grosmont on the 1130 to Pickering this morning, she looked and sounded wonderful, I know that Beth (the driver) had been looking forward to her arrival.”

John T has been glued to the webcam, which caused him concern at times:

Re. Monday: “Consternation in the Tyler household yesterday! 2807 only did the first run out of
Pickering and apparently then stayed at Grosmont. Tuesday, she's rostered for the last service back
from Grosmont, with "if available" and an alternate diesel listed. Perhaps routine work? She looked
OK on the webcam.”

Tuesday: “Panic over!
2807 has done, or will do, 3 runs today. It started as the 13.30 from Grosmont, did the 15.00 from
Pickering and is booked for the 17.15 return from Grosmont.
Having the webcam, running schedule and timetable leads to anxiety when changes are made! The
timetable has been changed since this morning to allow for 2807 back in service. Hooray!”


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