Tuesday 5 October 2021


We have turned a significant corner over the last couple of months! Things are going back on the frames and the wheel sets are almost ready to go back under the frames too.

The following update and pictures will highlight events over the last few months. Our teams on Wednesday and Saturdays have been work very very hard to move things forward after the last period of COVID delays.

We still have a long way to go but its great to see bright new, or refurbished, items going back together

The new super heater headers for 2807 and the Dinmore groups 38

Team Tyler cleaning and painting various items

Test fitting the axle boxes before that go back on the wheelsets

The eccentric sheaves, part of the inside motion, being lifted inside the wheelset in

 readiness for them being putting back on.

Back in place!

Re profiled driving wheelsets with their refurbished axle boxes being made ready

for going back under the frames. Note the old brake blocks being used to keep the 

axle boxes the correct way up

Lets get this thing back on her driving wheels!!!!

The next update should have pictures of the mainframes back

on her wheelsets! A massive step forward by the whole team!