Wednesday 2 June 2021

Volunteers Sort - CAN YOU HELP OUR TEAM


Can You help Us?

With the easing of “Covid” restrictions it is hoped to make more progress with the HGO of 2807, and this is going to put additional pressures on the regular members of the work-force.

Could you spare some time to assist us by taking on some of our administration work?

Admin Assistant

This is a job which can be done from home in the normal course of events. It requires a person with reasonable computer skills to provide support to the Company Secretary and the Treasurer. The bulk of the work involves the preparation and distribution of Notices of Meetings, Minutes, and Reports both Technical and Financial. On occasion it may involve communication with Depts within the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway and with suppliers. The work does not require any specialised knowledge of Railways or locomotives although an interest in the subject could make the job more interesting. In the future there will be an opportunity to advance to the role of Company Secretary when the present incumbent retires.

Do you know of a person with wood-working skills? We need somebody to help to maintain our Siphon G. It was built at the end of WW2 to serve as part of an ambulance train evacuating casualties from the battlefield.  After the war it reverted to civilian duties conveying milk and fresh produce from the West of England to London.


A competent woodworker is required to repair and maintain the Siphon-G which serves as our support and storage vehicle.  The vehicle is similar in size to a passenger coach, and is constructed with an oak frame mounted on a steel chassis, with articulated bogies at each end. The frame is clad in Deal boarding with louvres running the length of the vehicle.  On each side of the vehicle are four pairs of doors for loading and unloading.  In recent times CSPL have renewed parts of the Oak frame, and replaced the cladding boards, and re-made some of the main doors. However this is a timber vehicle and it needs on-going care and maintenance to keep it weathertight.

Periodically there may be requirements to repair/modify patterns for locomotive components.

The majority of this work will be carried out on site at Toddington, so applicants will have to hold a GWSR Work Permit or pass through the GWSR Induction Course.

If you think you can help in either of the positions indicated above please drop an email to

Brian Gamlin- Chairman      

Gilbert Kitchen – Secretary