Thursday, 21 September 2023


Today the CSPL team moved 2807 after a 3 year overhaul



Wednesday, 13 September 2023


Parts keep appearing from storage and need a fresh coat of paint.

Below Geof is painting the covers for the water feed pipes, these attach to the boiler cladding and cover the water feed pipes that attach to the clack valves

The next picture shows small amounts of filler being used on the covers for the steam feed pipes. These attach to the outside of the smoke box and running plate and cover the steam feed pipes.

Paint has been applied to the safety valve bonnet and cab side number plate. Some one has been hard at work with the Brasso too!!

In the coming days I hope to update this blog with some key dates of when 2807 will return to service at the GWSR

Thursday, 31 August 2023


Today in front of the BES inspector an in-frames Steam test was complete successfully for GW2807!

Work will continue over the coming weeks to start the next phase of the HGO in readiness for moving the loco under its own steam.

Keep watch here progress and updates

Friday, 25 August 2023

We are not far away now!!

Its hard to keep up with progress as the CSPL team are working every day to get things back onto the loco.

We are very close to the in frame steam test and, when signed off by the Boiler Inspector, we will be looking to move 2807 and start the shakedown and running in process.

We will keep you updated on here and our Facebook Page 

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Fitting the super heater elements

and steam feed pipes

A view from below of the blow down pipe and ash pan door linkages. Also the left hand ride injector

A close up back head shot of the regulator in 2019 and 2023 (excuse the numbers)

you can see the hard work that has been put in by the team and cleaning everything!!

Next three photos are us test fitting the water feed pipes to the clack valves now that the boiler cladding has been fitted

Further work on the RHS con rod, cleaning and checking the oiler rings

Wednesday, 9 August 2023

Focus on things underneath!!!

The team have been connecting the leavers to the ash pan doors. Its difficult to get detailed pictures but here are a few including a view looking at the front of the ash pan as well as the new extension to the back. We have also added a modification to help with ashing out when the loco is in operation

Is that the Chairman actually onsite getting his hands dirty!! YES this is yours truly.

Work is also underway to reconnect the rear sanders. The bar that connects the LHS and RHS was put in place and found to be the wrong way around! This has been corrected and will need further fettling so it clears the blow down valve and damper door mechanism.

The focus is on getting the boiler ready for the in frame steam test but as is the way with locomotives lots have things need to be in the correct place! So its key we have all the correct things connected to the boiler for this upcoming pressure test, i.e Blow down valve!

Fettling to the pipping in the smoke box. Here you can see work on the blower pipping

More test fitting of the J valve covers for the hydrostatic lubrication pipes. With new front barrel section and smoke box these need some re work to enable them to fit.

We are getting close to the in frame steam test and then the initial locomotives moves!! Keeping watching here for further news!!

Monday, 31 July 2023

More happening everyday

I am struggling to keep up with progress at Toddington!

The work in the cab keeps on!

Items continued to be added to the back head and the reverser cladding and drivers seat are now in place

The clack vales have been lapped and fitted!

Work continues at the front of the loco.

Superheater header in place, steam feed pipes being test fitted, various valves fitted to the outside of the smoke box.

Also some the the super heater elements have been fitted 

We are getting closer to the in frame steam test and loco moves!!! Keep watching!!!

Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Further Pressure Testing and Cladding Prep

More great progress on the HGO!

The team have been creating kit to pressure test the steam deliver pipes in the smoke box. These connect from the Superheater Head and then to the outside steam feed pipes. These all need to be hydraulically tested before the final fitting.

Fitting of the new smoke box to the boiler is progress well

More cladding is being prepped in readiness for a major step forward when the boiler has insulation fitted and the cladding put of the top!! We are about two thirds through this prep.

Next few pictures are of the loco on shed at the GWSR with 3850 of the Dinmore Group in front of our 2800 waiting for its Boiler return. 

The Back Head is taking shape!! Yes someone is in the firebox!!! They are drilling holes for the ash pan sprinkler systems, they got missed before the ash pan was attached to the bottom of the firebox. 

While this person is in the firebox another from the team remains on the footplate to keep watch and check on them.......

Tuesday, 11 July 2023

Early July Progress

The CSPL HGO team is working almost every day to progress work on the Loco and Tender.

Test fitting the hydrostatic lubricator to the back head. Various pipes need to be adjusted and fitted within the cab and the pipes that run the length of the boiler to steam feed pipes in the smoke box

Once the test fitting was competed the hydrostatic lubricator was removed, this will now be dismantled and thoroughly checked and tested.

All the back head cladding was then removed, insulation placed between it and the boiler, and all then put back in place.

The Smoke box door has been needle gunned to remove any old paint and rust, this was then primed to be painted at a later date

The various connecting pipes have been put in place between the tender and the main loco frames