Thursday 11 January 2024

Winter Maintenance.

Happy New Year!

2807 has completed 25 steaming days since her return to operations in Oct 2023, the feed back from the footplate crews has been very positive and the engine has performed very very well.

We are now in a period of downtime at the GWSR and the various departments across the railway are deep in to winter maintenance as are we.

The CSPL Support will check the loco from top to bottom during this period as well as address any issues that have been identified during the last couple of months in operation.

Work continues on our own tender, we are starting the process of putting a everything back together with a focus of having it operational and behind the boiler and frames later this year.

Following are a few photos of the latest work at Toddington!

2807 waiting to depart toddy on 29th Dec 2023


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