Geoff Adlington
Director, Operations Manager

Brian Gamlin
Director, Chairman, Marketing and Customer Relations

Roger Molesworth
Treasurer, Data Protection and Membership Secretary

Gilbert Kitchen
Director, Company Secretary, Technical Consultant

Stuart Farrimond

Karen Farrimond
100 Club

Fred Leach

John Giles

Andy Bryne
'2807 News' Magazine Editor

David Shrimpton
Health & Safety

Sue Shrimpton
Friends of 2807

1 comment:

Mr Ed. said...

Living in Cheltenham all my life and following trains past and present.The GWSR is a godsend for me.I have been following 2807 for many a year. Being an enthusiastic photographer , I have built up a photo library of 2807 as well as the other great Steam Engines that run and visited the GWSR. I like to take pictures from unusual angles in colour, mono and sepia. The stations take me back to the past times and they all give me when walking in that I have stepped back in time. I find all the staff are so friendly and very smart. Having built up a vast library of the railway, I find when I spend time looking at the various times of the year and the engines that I have photographed it is so nice that I spent time at the various stations. Maybe one day I will get to ride on the footplate of one of the steam engines and it would be so lovely.
Thank you GWSR for allowing me to spend time living in the past of which I remember being aged 72 years old.