Thursday, 19 September 2013

Maintenance Update

Tuesday 10th
Did a spot of painting!

Wednesday 11th
Gilbert, Colin & Ann Bennett were at Winchcombe working on the siphon van restoration.
Bruce & I mainly continues preparing rail chairs.  Having run out of brushes, it was all I could do to re-stock the F&W.
A punter saw me heaving the trolley of boot scrapers to the F&W and commented, "Oh, you do them too!".  It transpires that he has seen similar boot scrapers at other railways - including at Llangollen !!!
Another chap commented that there was no GWR one, so I explained why I do not put them out on display, but could have one for him within 20 minutes.  He accepted the offer.  At end of day, I collected money for 6 boot scrapers from the F&W.

Friday 13th
John decided to while away the hours at Toddington.  I quote:
"Not the best of weather, but I managed to:-

Clean 6 BR(W) and paint their bottoms
Paint 5 with green undercoat
Place 4 undercover on the bench
Cut off bolts on some GWR and BR(W)

There seems to be a few interesting chairs in the recent PW delivery, amongst all the BR(W), e.g. BR(S)."

Saturday 14th
Report from Bruce:
"I was on my own today except when Gilbert turned up for a brief spell. (we had lunch together)

I Painted top coat on 5 chairs and undercoated 6 others.

I then tackled several items reported on the loco defect sheets, all boiler related, so it was under Carpo's supervision.

!     Replaced the gland packing on the right side injector steam valve.
2    The 'Y' splitter for the lubricator condensing coils (on steam fountain) was leaking, so the 'Klinger sleeve' retaining nuts were nipped up to hopefully stop the leak.
3    The steam heat isolating valve is leaking internally so I tried to dismantle it, unfortunately it resisted all attempts to remove the cover. Carpo suggested leaving for now as the steam heating will be needed from now on.

The operating lever on the left side tender water valve had worked loose (not reported) so it was tightened.

There is no roster yet for next week but the loco is serviceable if required."

Sunday 15th
Glyn rang to say he'd sold the last boot scraper at the Coffee Pot!

Monday 16th
The roster is now posted up to 28 Sept.  2807 is not required.


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