Saturday 1 July 2017

Maintenance Update (hook, collar, ring, wagtail)

Saturday 24th
It was a Thomas weekend, so I was on Granddad duty on Saturday. However, Bruce & Gilbert did go to Todders. Bruce had formed a hex head on the stud upon which the fire-hole door operating mechanism hinges, so he reassembled the mechanism and fitted that. Even so, it was difficult persuading the stud to screw in tightly because the thread is quite well worn. It did work in the end, though.

Gil sorted through the tool boxes. Various random bits headed for the skip, and the rest were cleaned. He found a small hook in there, which later led to some discussion about hooks fitted to the cab roof. I had been squirreling away one such hook for 8 years, and produced it on Wednesday. The one Gil found was nothing like this one!

While doing my Granddad things at Winchcombe station, I bumped into Bill. He was working on the siphon restoration along with Fred. Gil abandoned Todders and joined them during the afternoon.

Wednesday 28th
Following an HRA (Heritage Railway Association) edict, Bruce replaced his (vastly superior) safety valve adjusters with the “standard” GWR spacer collars again! He then fitted the brass bonnet over the top. JP was carrying out a mechanical exam on 2807 and kept ear-holing Bruce. Fortunately, JP had got a couple of [Loco Dept] helpers, who seemed to be fixing anything that JP found amiss.

Gil spent the morning with Graham, who is drawing up the new ash pan. They had a look at our existing one and also the original one from the 38xx that is in the yard.

John G got on with painting the rail chairs, and later applied a second coat to the fire iron holder on the tender (the one that David had recently refitted).

I had been “volunteered” to take an inventory of the machines in the workshop and examine the existing list of authorised users. Rod [workshop manager] helped by explaining about many of the machines - some of which are not even wired up. I am, of course, way out of my depth when faced with a large lump of metal, covered in knobs, buttons, handles, wheels, twiddley bits (and no instructions)!


Of course, our main worry recently has been the apparent crack appearing in the foundation ring.
This is just visible through the mud-hole door at the front bottom left of the boiler throat plate.

You may have to enlarge the photo (below) to be able to see it!

The inspector is coming on Friday. Brian and Gil will be here to speak with him at the time.

Friday 30th
Inspector arrived along with Steve Underhill (Tyseley boiler chap). The latter says there is grooving, but nothing to worry about! Phew!

Gil & Brian filled the boiler (someone must have fitted the mud-hole doors first, of course 😊 ) and then lit a warming fire. Steam test on Saturday.

Cotswold Steam & Wildlife Preservation Corner
We have been watching a pair of pied wagtails but they are notoriously difficult to photograph.

Vis., I almost captured one about to enter the sandbox. However, it was too quick for my camera, hence is just a blur!

Notice how the vegetation has recovered and speedily thrust up a new flower.


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