Saturday 16 December 2017

Maintenance Update (chuffed, butcher, P&O, hundred)

Llangollen Report
The following photos were taken on the weekend of 9/10 December by Paul Evans.

Paul says: “I'm more than happy to let you copy whatever you like. She's a fantastic locomotive; I keep saying to people that she's a pretty engine. My dad was a former fireman on the line for British Railways Western Region at Croes Newydd engine shed and I've got involved this year in the shed and on the footplate. … I'm on the footplate on 23rd, 31st Dec and 1st Jan. I do love your Loco and on the autumn steam gala with Sir Keith Parkes slipping and sliding, she just waltzed out of the station and made it look so easy. Thank you and I’m chuffed to bits that you will use the photos”.

Wednesday 13th
The planned mega-clip by P-Way was cancelled due to snow. Our working day had been cancelled because of the P-Way mega-clip day …

… but I had two boot scraper deliveries to make anyway. But before that, as I was doing my shopping, I noticed a pile of a dozen cardboard trays put out for the recycling men outside the butcher’s. So I “lifted” some (literally), because they are exactly what we use to protect the boot scrapers. Toby, the butcher, spotted me helping myself and yelled, “I’ll bring the rest, Rog!” So, he very kindly carried those that I couldn’t round to my house. Hence, I spent the morning in our van, cutting them all to size. You can hardly get in the van, now!

Friday - Loco Dept Management Meeting
2807 absolutely must be ready for service by end of February

Saturday 16th
We spent most of the day helping with P&O, whose axleboxes need some work doing on them. This requires the whole loco being lifted on the jacks and wheels dropped. To get at the axleboxes, you have to remove the springs, otherwise you can’t remove the horn ties to drop the underkeeps …

It took all day to get the hydraulic lifting gear into the right place… 😏

During the afternoon, John T snook off to play with our new needle gun!

The Flag & Whistle sold two more boot scrapers, making their total sales this year up to one hundred! The staff were suitably rewarded.

Gilbert pinned up his wish list of things to do in the 7 week winter maintenance period. 😓

Llan say that 2807 is scheduled to be in service:
December: 16 & 17, 22-24 and 30 & 31.
Reids are booked to collect her on January 8th to return to Todders on 9th.


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