Monday 2 December 2019

Important decision on boiler overhaul work

Cotswold Steam Preservation Ltd has been planning the heavy overhaul of GWR steam locomotive No. 2807 for a number of years.

It had already been decided to withdraw 2807 at the end of the 2019 season at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.  The final two days of operation for a number of years wil be 31st December 2019 and 1st january 2020.

The reason for withdrawing the locomotive is to carry out a heavy overhaul, something that is required for all steam locomotives in order to ensure the safety of the pressure vessel, the boiler.

The boiler work is normally the most important task carried out during the overhaul.  It is not work that can be carried out by the volunteer team because it requires specialist skills.  It is important to select a suitable contractor to carry out the work.

Taking into consideration the availability of a 'slot' in the contractors schedule, the quality of work carried out by the contractor on behalf of other locomotive owners, the cost, and other considerations, it has been decided to contract Riley & Son (E) Ltd of Heywood, Lancashire.

The work to remove the boiler from the frames will be the top priority once 2807 is withdrawn.  It is hoped that the boiler will be transported to Riley & Son around mid-2020.


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