Tuesday 18 May 2021

HGO has restarted (again)


We are pleased to confirm that the HGO of the loco has restarted!

With the lifting of HMG restrictions in early April the CSPL team have been able to get back to it. This blog update shows the continued progress in taking the loco apart, creating new, refurbishing, and replacing!! 

News from Riley’s 

Lower back head section of the outer firebox has been removed; the cut-out section will form the template for the new one.

Wheels Sets

The main wheels sets, and bogie wheels, were sent away before Christmas to the South Devon for reprofiling. They have now arrived back. 

On arrival work has taken place to clean and repaint them.

All the axel boxes require refurbishment before being put back on the wheels sets.

This requires lots of measuring and discussion......something the CSPL team are very good at.............usually with tea and biscuits.

Before the wheels can be put back under the frames further work is required, more measuring and alignment checks and more tea drinking........

The team continue to clean and paint other items that have been removed from the loco. here the brake hangers are cleaned, bushes removed, and painted.

New rocker covers have been cast and are now being machined.

Both vacuum brake cylinders from the loco and tender have been removed, in the next picture you can see the cylinder shaft (tender) has been refurbished new bushes and seals will also be made in readiness for them going back on to the loco at the right time. The loco cylinder has been completed already and is in store.

Other things going on, the new ash pan has been completed and is being stored on top of the CSPL container. This has now been covered over to protect it from the elements

Running boards have been removed and are now being cleaned and painted.

Last picture is stored items that have been cleaned, checked, painted in readiness for that day when they go back on 2807.

CSPL have a busy year ahead, Gilbert has spent lots of time planning and then re planning due to COVID. We hope that now we can focus on getting 2807 back into service. There is lots to do but the team could not be more motivated!!



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