Friday 27 August 2021

Finally we get to Riley's!!

Well, we finally got to meet with the Team at Ian Riley’s Engineering!!

The boiler moved last March, and we finally sat down at their HQ on Thursday 19th August. Cotswold Steam HGO team travelled up from the south/southwest and were joined by a further CSPL Board member

Work has not progressed at the pace CSPL would have liked due to COVID and not being able to meet with Riley's team face to face. Additionally, Riley’s are only just getting back to full operations post COVID

The boiler is now in various bits:

                Smoke box removed

                Smoke tube plate is out

                Front barrel section detached from the rest of the boiler

                Back head (below fire hole door) has been removed.

Based on further analysis of the smoke box Riley's will be providing a revised quote for its replacement/refurbishment.

A new smoke box tube plate will be manufactured and the go ahead was given for that to take place.

A new front barrel section needs to be manufactured but further discuss needs to take place between Riley’s, CSPL, and British Engineering (boiler inspectors). CSPL will give authority for this to happen very soon, we hope!

With the removal of the backhead we have found a larger that expected volume of old stays and other rubbish! This is proving difficult to remove but will be completed soon so the new back head section can be fitted, and the foundation ring removed

Old and new back head

 New smoke box tube place for 4277, ours will be like this one

Old parts

Our boiler internals

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