Wednesday 31 May 2023

Now we have access back to the BLOG I can update you all on the latest new from CSPL.

Earlier this year our boiler was hydraulic and steam tested at Ian Riley's following the refurb completed by them over the last couple of years.

From the following pictures and words you will see that the main boiler and new ash pan have been put back in the frames.

Boiler being lifted and spun 180 degrees. The new ash pan is then placed under the fire box to be attached

The boiler is then lifted again and the loco frames placed under the boiler 

The boiler is then gently lowered into the frames


Note that the front of the boiler barrel is resting on timbers so that the smokebox can be fitted in the next few weeks.

So there you have it at last: boiler in the frames and the whole ensemble being shunted back onto shed.

The following pictures are the regulator box being fitted by the team from Riley's after being recently machined to fit to the new Smoke box tube plate. Opportunity was taken the machine the face plate and front as well as the cone faces for the steam feed pipes.

I will write some further reports of the work that is taking place on the frames and tender........


Brian Gamlin - Director and Chairman

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