Saturday 18 May 2013

Maintenance Update

Monday 11th:
Geof and I spent the entire day crawling beneath the tender.  We removed all of the brake blocks and took measurements to calculate where to drill the pivot holes in the new brake blocks.  Photo attached shows the left-hand rear worn block next to a pristine new one.  We also measure the space between the sides of each brake hanger, and discovered that the new brake blocks for the centre axle will need a bit shaving off them!  Needless to say, the hangers on each axle are different.  Anyway, we put the old brake blocks back in (because there was no chance of drilling out the holes on the new ones on Monday).

I popped down to re-stock the F&W, as they had sold 5 boot scrapers over the weekend.  While there, I saw that the recently-arrived "Cheltenham" was "unserviceable".  A chap was doing some welding on a copper pipe - that is to say, he had completely blocked the way into our TPO with two gas bottles and a 12 foot copper pipe.  I think this is all part of P^O's panic to be ready to view next weekend!

As I left, I decided to pop into the Mess Coach.  There was a Red Card against our engine!  Apparently the LHS-centre spring on the tender is broken.  Neither Geof nor I noticed it on Monday (and as it happens, I did walk down the LHS checking the springs on Monday).  We've got a spare, fortunately.

By chance, I had a phone call from "Ray" who wanted a GWR boot scraper.  I nipped over to Todders; sold him the b/s; and took a gander at the spring.  Sure enough - a hairline fracture, 1/4" long, 3rd leaf down.

Gil & Bruce prepared the loco - it had to be moved to allow Cheltenham onto the pit.  They then jacked up the tender; removed the old spring; and had a cup of tea.  I arrived just in time with the milk!  We then fitted the new spring and tidied up.  By now it was lunchtime.  Bruce went home to feed Daphne, who's recovering from her op.

Fred & Dixie were working on the siphon restoration work at Winchcombe, and called in to join us for lunch.

After lunch, I did a bit of boot scrapering, while Gil did a bit of measuring (of the pins that secure the brake blocks).  We will have new pins made for the new blocks.

A quick bit of painting in order to have a good stock of <you know whats> for next weekend!


Only Gilbert & myself, as 2807 was in service, along with the SR Schools Class "Cheltenham".  Gil painted some rail off-cuts (which he sells on the stall) and the spark arrester in case we need to fit it.  I finished off more boot scrapers ready for the gala, next weekend.

I noted that the F&W had sold two, and the Coffee Pot had also sold two.  Sylvia Black popped in with some videos and a teddy bear for our stall.


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