Saturday 2 November 2013

Maintenance Update

On Wednesday (30 Oct), Gilbert was alone at Toddington, cutting out steel plate to fabricate a new bottom half for the front section of the ash pan.

On Saturday (2 Nov), Gilbert continued, making sure the two side sections were identical in size and shape.  He then cut the damper door section (including the hole for the door).

Bruce inspected the "pep" pipe tap, but it seemed to be OK.  People will just have to live with the fact that it dribbles.  If one of us is around the next time 2807 steams (possibly not until after Christmas) we could test the effect of opening the LHS injector feed side, and then the RHS injector feed side (without the injectors on).  Whichever one squirts water out at a significant rate must be the side with the top clack that leaks.

Dodging showers, Bruce and I prepared 9 rail chairs to try to build up boot scraper stocks (we have just two completed ones in stock).


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