Thursday 30 July 2015

Maintenance Update (eccentrics, bag, pipe)

Sunday 26th
It was dreadful weather.  I popped down to apply a top coat to the four rail chairs that were in the production line.

Monday 27th
I managed to find an hour to apply the lettering to the rail chairs and then fit the brushes to them.

While there, I took a look at 2807.  The spacers had been fitted to the LHS eccentric straps, but the straps had been left "upside down" such that the oil in their reservoirs had run out.  So I turned them right way up and topped them up.

Wednesday 29th
Getting the two LHS eccentrics rods back on was the priority of the day.  Gilbert was assisted by John P [Loco Dept].  Apparently, John is fireman on Friday and quite keen on our loco being available!

Gavin [new recruit] joined us and was shepherded round by Bruce.  The eccentrics and motion are a bit of a 'deep end' for a beginner, but Bruce did his best to explain it all, as they joined in with Gil & John.

Clive [Loco Dept] provided a new steam heat hose ("bag"), and John G attempted to fit it.  However, it became apparent that the old hose was a thicker material, and the new hose was rather loose on the fitting.  It was a struggle to find a clamp that would tighten it enough.  This needs further investigation, because it has to be able to take the steam pressure of the heating system (normally 40 psi).

John also helped with the eccentrics by cutting split pins to size.  Thereafter, John got out the brasso and started polishing the drain cocks.

Dixie came and fixed the failed electrical circuit to the compressor.  He fitted a switch that can better cope with the surge in juice when the compressor starts up.  Then he and I turned our attention to … rail chairs!  I switched on the compressor and … nothing!  "Dixie!"  Dixie threatened the board with his screwdriver and the compressor burst into life.  No idea why it initially refused to start, as Dixie had tested the circuit and checked that everything was working after fitting the new switch.

I pointed Bruce and Gavin at a loose oil feed pipe.  No crew had noticed or reported it, but I spotted it while playing with the RHS eccentrics the other week.  Bruce & Gavin took the pipe off, cleaned up the thread and eventually persuaded it to fit back tightly.

I tidied the top shelf in the TPO where sales items used to be kept.  Then Dixie & I moved copper pipes up there out of the way.  Gil seized the opportunity and put more pipework up there, too.  Catching the 'bug', Bruce started tidying up the workbench!  He'd already cleaned the lathe and swept the floor.  The place has never looked so tidy.

2807 is in service on Fire & Drive on Friday.  It is likely, therefore, to be in service over the weekend.


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