Thursday, 20 August 2015

Maintenance Update (fire, ash, pony)

Saturday 15th
A warming fire had been lit in 2807 in anticipation of problems with 5542.  However, all was well with 5542, and 2807 was not required.

There was just me, a wasp and Joe Bonamassa.  So, we prepared a few rail chairs' bottoms and then buzzed off.

Sunday 16th
I noticed that the Coffee Pot had sold 4 boot scrapers, so I popped in at Todders and slapped some more paint on some of those in the production line (mainly because there were no crimson boot scrapers finished) and wood-stained some brushes.

Monday 17th
Second coat of stain on brushes; Primer coat on tops of two red (MR & LMS) and one black (LNWR) chair.

Noticed chimney cap was not on loco (should be, in case it rains). Noticed fire iron (bent pricker) laying on cab floor. Grate covered in ash. I was moved to say: Loco Dept to be made aware that any work carried out on our locomotive should be completed correctly and that at the end of the task all tools and redundant bits and pieces must be removed with nothing left that could cause uncertainty on the work carried out.

Wednesday 19th
Grate still contains ash from Saturday's warming fire.  Mike volunteered to clean it out.

John G was the most productive of us today.  He painted 8 chair tops and 3 bottoms.  He also assisted me in re-stocking the Flag & Whistle, they having sold 4 boot scrapers.  In fact, I had to hastily fit brushes to a couple of crimson chairs in order to provide same to both F&W and Coffee Pot at Winchcombe!

Gil passed through briefly, apparently checking data on flange wear (specifically concerning the pony wheels).  Bruce has some thoughts on how to re-bore the holes in the pony truck pivot point to ensure everything is the same diameter and in vertical alignment.

Keith (workshop) needed the steam heat valve in order to machine off the protruding ring around the joint seal.  We are having flat-face-to-flat-face, to make it simpler.  Bruce removed the valve and took to him.  In doing so, Bruce discovered that the fixing bolt has a split-pin hole … covered by its nut!  In anticipation, Bruce cut a couple of new split pins for when it is refitted.

2807 is not rostered any more this month, but is acting as standby loco.


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