Sunday, 11 December 2016

Maintenance Update (hanger, jack, bolt, eccentric)

Wednesday 7th
Bruce reports:
“Wednesday started by getting 2807 over the pit with coupling rods in the correct position to give better access to the brake hanger and spring compensator.

It’s difficult to give a progressive account as we were all doing different things at the same time.

Bruce concentrated on the large pin, freeing the large nut and then reamed out the split pin holes, he then re tapped the grease nipple thread and fitted the grease nipple.

Gilbert and Brian, assisted by Alex and Pete (loco dept) jacked up the loco and removed the spring hanger links followed by the spring compensating beam.

All these parts were cleaned and refurbished, including re-cutting threads where required.

The parts were then assembled, including the new spring hanger link, and the springs adjusted, the nuts were tightened about the same as those on the other springs. Some of the brake linkages had been removed on Saturday to give better access so these were reassembled and new split pins inserted.

The jacks were removed and the loco was inspected by John P and declared serviceable.

The weights will need to be checked later when we can get access to the weighbridge.

John G painted some more rail chairs and then took the opportunity to paint the visible side of the linkages on the loco while they were clean, as the paint had been burnt off when it was heated to remove the pin.

We all seemed to have our fingers in the pie at some point, including members of the loco department but in particular Alex and Pete, so, thanks to all.

Just before tea break in the morning Roger called in to collect a few bits and pieces so, as we all had our tongues hanging out Bruce went and made the tea, including one for Roger, unfortunately he did not appear so Brian, hating the idea of waste, polished off Roger's as well, including the cake that Bruce had brought in to celebrate his birthday.”

Yes, sorry chaps! Wednesday was manic for me: I only just had time to pop down (between the Tesco run and taking Mum for her cataract operation) and pick up an LMS boot scraper for an order. Boot scraper parcelled and sent to Ayrshire by UK Mail on Thursday; arrived Saturday.

Happy birthday, Bruce!

Saturday 10th
David and John T decided to have a go at the remaining two fitted bolts on the LHS rocking shaft bracket. David spent the day between the frames reaming out the holes, while John was on the outside, catching the reamer, cleaning it, expanding it and lubricating it again before passing it back to David.

The fitted bolts have to be such a tight fit that they need quite some persuasion to go into their holes! 

It did take all day, and both Bruce and Roger lent a hand at times. But by end of play, both bolts were fitted.

While he’d got used to being stuck inside there, David had a look at the eccentric sleeves, as there had been a report of looseness in them. One was found to have sideways play, but no front-to-back play (which would be more concerning). So, we won’t take any action on that at present.

Bruce tackled one of the logged issues that said that the heating valve to the hydrostatic lubricator was leaking.

Aided and assisted by Gil, he removed the valve and began lapping it in. However, the seat was a bit rough, and the angles of the surfaces do need to be the same in order to seal! So, Bruce made a gadget with the correct angled point which fitted snugly into the valve such that it was able to cut the seat true.

I was preoccupied selling, restocking and painting more boot scrapers.


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