Saturday 14 April 2018

Maintenance Update (token, frost, graphite, frame)

Tuesday 10th
I felt the urge to go to Todders and stock up both cafés with boot scrapers. It just happened that 2807 passed by …

Note that token exchange is the fireman’s most fun task. (S)he has to hand over the token for the section just traversed and simultaneously collect the token for the section ahead … without dropping either! Dropping that which you are handing in is mildly embarrassing, but the signalman will only mutter under his breath. Dropping the one you are supposed to have collected is grossly embarrassing, because the driver has to stop the train while you walk back and find it!

Wednesday 11th
With 2807 in service, there was only one thing to do … and it was not warm! Frost crept over my needle gun, Bruce was smartening up chairs with the angle grinder and wire brush, while John G was painting in the warm!

Six black bottoms & five green tops completed.

Saturday 14th
Loco roster is all changed (again); 2807 now in service: April 14th & 15th; 23rd to 26th, 28th & 29th.

Bruce, John T and I pressed on with boot scraper production (the F&W had sold 3). Fred & Gil popped in for lunch then buzzed off again! They had been doing some painting on the siphon van.

Only two new issues raised during the week (both by Driver IB on 8th):

14: Driver’s side flange lubricator loose / no contact with flange.
{This is probably that the graphite block has worn out and needs a new one inserting}

15: Gauge frame intermittent leak from bottom nut.
{Normally this is cured by tightening the nut a little bit! It compresses a rubber seal.}

2807 should be having a rest now until wartime weekend, so Bruce may be able to get on with replacing the clack valves. We want to fit a standard fire hose connector to the blow-down valve for faster filling of the boiler (when cold!). Also the leaking injector pipe could do with mending.


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